photo by Kei Kondo | all content © Hitomi Oba 2011

L.A. Signal Lab's debut album,
"Whisper and Howl",
is now available!
Featuring my piece, "With Bare Feet".
More exciting news on our collective's future activities coming soon!


Hitomi and Erika Oba
A very special concert of all-new original works with my sister,
Erika Oba!
With special guests, Brian Wong (koto), and Hanako Hjersman (violin).
Part of the Open Door concert series in Richmond, CA.



"Whisper and Howl"
the debut performance of LA Signal Lab at Curve Line Space in Eagle Rock -
an evening of world premieres combining jazz, classical, world music, ambient, and early music.
Further information here.



I am excited to announce the beginning of a composer/performer collective,
LA Signal Lab,
by Noah Meites, Dan Marschak, Nick DePInna, and myself! Upcoming debut performance is on May 15th (more details to follow).